Curtain & Carpet Laundry

Curtains and carpets are repeatedly the furthermost mistreated furnishing in the whole household, and may swing there for centuries, engrossing domestic aromas from food preparation and other stuffs, until they are concealed in dirt pack.

Home curtains and carpets can quay millions of minute dust particles, every minute. Curtains are active air-cleansers, deceiving floating dust, smells, smoke, and tresses, fashioning the flawless locale for dust bugs, that can cause a wide range of sensitized responses leading to common diseases.

Purezone laundry warns clients to clean their curtains and annually. We take care of your curtains and carpets laundry needs round the clock. Our well utilized high power spray machines remove most stains, dusts within no time. When it is time to clean your Curtains and carpets it is vital that you choose an expert like Purezone.

Come visit our laundry shops at premium locations of Dubai like Jumeirah, Karama, Madina and the surrounding locations.

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