Is It Safe To Hire A Laundry Service During The Pandemic?

October 22, 2020

Covid 19 has brought drastic changes and constraints in almost every aspect of our daily life. To stop the coronavirus spread, governments across the world have been taking several safety measures from lockdown to social distancing, and we are adapting to the changes.

Even though there are restrictions, we cannot exempt our daily needs like food and clean clothes. Therefore, it’s obvious that you might be thinking about safety concerns about using a laundry. Let us find out whether it is safe to hire a laundry service during Covid 19. 

How to do laundry during the pandemic?

If you were accustomed to hiring a professional laundry service and the Corona outbreak had forced you to handle it all by yourself, then good news for you is that laundromats have restarted the service. If you are still worried about hiring a laundry service for washing and other services, here are some tips to do laundry during the pandemic.

Doing laundry at home

-> Clean your clothes frequently as the virus may remain on your clothes for hours to days.

-> Wash your clothes in hot water – avoid washing with cold water as much as possible.

-> Avoid wearing your clothes repeatedly, wash your clothes after every single use.

-> Use detergent and bleach to wash your clothes and allow it to thoroughly dry.

Hiring a Laundromat during Covid 19

-> As we take precautions to avoid the virus spread, laundromats are also taking more care, from picking your order to practising social distancing in all possible ways.

-> Once you hire a laundry service they place your dirty clothes in disposable plastic bags to avoid contact inside the cart.

-> Professionals sanitize their hands and equipment before and after dealing with the dirty clothes, wash and dry the laundry bag.

-> When the clothes are cleaned, they repeat washing and sanitizing hands before taking out the clothes.

Why is it better to hire a Laundromat than self-washing?

Even though you fear going to public places and getting in contact with strangers, hiring a professional laundry service won’t be a bad idea. It is actually the most appropriate way to clean your clothes rather than attempting self-washing at home. There is a higher possibility for you to get in contact with the virus at the time of washing clothes, bedding, and other accessories. It is more recommended to consider a pick-up and drop-off delivery service to avoid close contact and to follow social distancing during the time of the pandemic. 

Why choose Purezone?

Purezone is the best laundry service in Business Bay that has been providing the essential service even during the pandemic because it is now more important than ever before. We extend our hands to serving society during the crisis and took proper steps towards the safety and prevention of the spread. Giving utmost care for maintaining a safe environment and cleaning clothes in the most appropriate way are the best aspects of our service. Being the best laundry in Deira and Dubai region, we try our best to safeguard staff and customers following all precautions and guidelines for a safer laundry service.

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