5 Problems Faced During Laundry At Home And How To Fix Them

October 5, 2020

While you do laundry at home you may usually end up with a lot of problems like stretching and shrinking of clothes, holes in the fabrics, yellowing of white linen, and a lot more. As most people say, laundry may not be a favorite activity for you. Besides, most of us don’t have a professional overview of doing laundry. In fact, many may have only a minimum idea about what detergents to use and how to wash delicate fabrics. Let’s look into the common problems faced while doing laundry at home, and tips to fix them.



Read the washing manual first

Whenever you buy a washing machine, it comes along with a user manual for you to follow and understand. Most people ignore this part as it is a tedious job and just pre-set the functions in automated machines and follow the same function for all kinds of fabric materials. Do you think this is the way to do laundry? Certainly not, you have to read guidelines thoroughly and follow changes accordingly. You should not commit mistakes because of a lack of knowledge or carelessness. Reading the user manual will help you to get rid of a few washing related problems. 

Let us look into the five common laundry problems you are probable to face during laundry at home; 

Shrinking clothes

You cannot always follow a specific method of washing for all your clothes. There are kinds of clothes which need special attention and won’t prefer machine wash all the time. What a professional laundry in Discovery Gardens does is avoid the usual cleaning method and follow the best ones, which may be dry cleaning or steam cleaning. However, you have to avoid hot water cleaning and wash your clothes with cold water, and also avoid hanging clothes on hangers to dry. 

Detergent residue in clothes

You might have encountered this problem at least once in your whole washing process. What do you do to avoid this? Check the detergent that you were using so far, that may not be the proper one which your machine demands for a better washing procedure, so find the suitable one by reading the user manual and change to it. For better washing experience use a liquid detergent that dissolves well. 

Yellowed Clothes

Your clothes are prone to yellowing due to some specific reasons like sweat or cooking residue. You might have seen your shirt’s underarm part get yellowed and it’s hard to remove that. Also, clothes that are kept inside the wardrobe for long may turn yellow. To get rid of this mix warm water and oxygen-based bleach or add laundry bluing in the washer to change your clothes brighter and whiter. 

Holes in Clothes after washing

How do you feel if you find a hole in your favorite cloth? Holes can appear on your clothes due to wear and tear, loading too much of clothes, and using excess chlorine bleach. Seeing holes in your clothes is as frustrating and to avoid this, follow washing guidelines. 

Lint on your clothes

There may be times when your clothes come out of a machine with lots of lint. How do you tackle this issue? Thoroughly check the pockets before putting it inside the machine and avoid mixing lint producing clothes such as fleece suits, flannels, synthetic and dark fabrics. You can use a lint roller to remove the lint.

Why choose a professional laundry like Purezone?

Whether it’s clothes or machines, you should read the labels on your clothes beforehand to avoid disasters while you wash it. It is better to consider a laundry service for the best washing results. Purezone is a leading laundry in Mirdif that offers various services suiting your needs and has a team of trained professionals who understand the nature of your clothes and clean with proper care. Moreover, you don’t have to worry about problems like shrinking, yellowing, tearing, etc. We take the utmost care to clean your clothes perfectly.


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